Community Pharmacies’ Perspectives

The Holistic Community Pharmacy within Ecocivilisation

A Holistic Community Pharmacy purpose is to contribute to the improvement of health of a local community population.


Quality Management in Community Pharmacy

Pharmacies can achieve quality in different ways. The Quality Management and Community Pharmacy publication reveals how.


Holistic Community Pharmacy: Transformation for the Future

Collection of lectures from COVIRIAS HCP Conference 2019


Community Pharmacy
& Advertising

There are several types of advertising of and in pharmacies, of which we write in the e-publication Community Pharmacy & Advertising.


Contemporary ethical and moral dillemas in Community Pharmacy’s practice

Holistic Community Pharmacy International Conference 2020

Poster Session


Holistic Community Pharmacy:
Self-medication & Self-treatment

Collection of lectures from COVIRIAS HCP Conference 2020


Holistic Community Pharmacy: Declaration of fundamental principles of Holistic Community Pharmacy

The place and the role of pharmacy and pharmacist have changed over time throughout history, but the changes were more or less accidental. In the third millennium, it is time to start actively creating a vision of this profession and activity.