Holistic Community Pharmacy is a viable concept for the current and a future practice. It was built on the value chain analyses of the industry and with a special care for the values and identification of the added value of pharmacist’s services.

Whatever approach you choose for your community pharmacy, you will be challenged over and over again with the quality of your services. There is a valid practical experience with contemporary methodology and it enables you to learn from your colleagues and their lessons. You have a unique opportunity to listen to two stories from different countries, regulatory framework and cultures.

Since a profession of a pharmacist is becoming more and more complex, work in teams with other experts is inevitable. We are used to speak about health professional teams, especially in the clinical environment. In the ecosystem of the community pharmacy however there is more and more need for other experts know how to stay competitive. Start building cooperation for noteworthy community pharmacy services and join us at the conference.

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Martina Puc


The HCP Concept as an adjustment for a long term sustainable business

“We live and work in a crucial time for the CP’s and the future will be a result of our behaviour and action. It is therefore very important what is in our focus of thought and operation. Giving the HCP Concept a moment of your attention can change your life. However busy you are with your daily duties, do not miss the historical opportunity to contribute on the first conference for the future place of CP’s in the society. After all it is your future, too.”

Martina Puc is a pharmacist and the author of the Holistic Community Pharmacy Concept developed a method of implementation into the working pharmacy. Her theoretical knowledge and practical experience in management and management consultancy enabled her to help pharmacies to develop their business to the next level with a focus on the quality of their services. With her articles and lectures she is challenging the beliefs of the profession when they have no contemporary foundation and perceives its higher purpose and meaning.

Katja Hleb


Influence of Values, Organizational Culture& Consciousness on the Healthcare Services

“An everlasting personal development of healthcare professionals is a ‘hidden curriculum’ that cannot be avoided. The developmental dimension of human consciousness is an example of such ‘hidden curriculum’. As a humanity we are in a greater number than ever before reaching the s.c. 5th order of consciousness, where our work needs to be a mission, not merely a career and our legacy such that enriches humankind, not only our immediate surroundings.”

Katja Hleb holds MSc. in Psychology and an additional University degree in Kinesiology. With more than 20 years of experience consulting businesses in HR systems she has consulted over 150 globally recognized organizations. She has lectured at numerous conferences and has authored several articles in the field of leadership and top talent development. At the moment she is a PhD student at the School of Business and Economy in Ljubljana. Her theses covers 5th order consciousness in connection with ethical leadership.

Quality Added Value

Matija Centrih


The Impact of Recording Pharmaceutical Cases by IRRK Methodology

“I feel discomfort and pain whenever I see things can be done better and I just have to do something about it. Because of that, I have a habit to take more on my shoulders than I can carry. Thankfully I have been blessed to discover Martina’s Holistic Community Pharmacy Concept. The path of discovery has not yet ended but the revelation that struck me is so profound that I want to share my experience with everyone working in community pharmacy. The path is definitely not easy but is on the other hand very rewarding. Come along…”

Matija Centrih graduated from University Ljubljana Faculty of Pharmacy in 2005. He started his career in private community pharmacy. In 2007 he took a position of an assistant manager in pharmacy at Division of gynaecology and obstetrics of University Medical Centre Ljubljana. In the year 2008 he took over management of private community pharmacy in Kranj. In 2014 he got a concession for community pharmacy in Dobrova where he is currently a manager.

Azra Uzunović, mag. pharm.


Compliance Measurement in a Community Pharmacy using IRRK Methodology – Bosnian experience

“It is very challenging to ensure competitive advantages of a CP in a country with several pharmacies in a row along just one street. Improving quality services and recognizing our social responsibility is aggravated by the glass wall between a pharmacist and a visitor – literally and metaphorically. Knowledge and awareness gained during the demolition process of a glass wall put us in an advantage. We dare EU pharmacies to also take a challenge.”


Azra Uzunović, mag. pharm.

Azra graduated from University of Sarajevo Faculty of Pharmacy in 2007. She worked for 10 years as a wholesale pharmacist with professional activities including drug import, drug registration processes and developing special interests in GDP. On the FIP Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018 in Glasgow she was a poster presenter. She is a community pharmacist for the past 2 years with a focus on the international pharmacy.

Anela Galić, mag. pharm.

Anela graduated from University of Sarajevo Faculty of Pharmacy in 1989. After her internship in Split, during the war she worked in a CP in Zenica until 1997 and then moved to CP in Vitez, where she became a manager in 2005. In 2013 she succesfully finished the programme for the external reviewer at the Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Agency. She graduated in Health Management from Sarajevo University School of Economics and Business in 2014.


Meta Galjot


Competitive Environment of a Community Pharmacy

“At first glance it may seem otherwise, but modern community pharmacies operate in a highly competitive environment. Times when community pharmacies were the only place where people received advice on health products are gone. Competition represents a reality and the space on the market is scarce. How can a community pharmacy rise above the competition? What are the competitive strengths of pharmacies?”

Meta Galjot gained a master’s degree in strategic marketing communications at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Since the beginning of her career she is involved in the research on community pharmacies.  She is a contributing author of articles in various professional magazines and scientific journals. As a consultant she is implementing communication strategies for various community pharmacies changing their public presentation.

Adam Puc


Space Design Supporting Holistic Community Pharmacy

“When we are designing for a holistic concept, design itself becomes holistic. It also means each pharmacy is a unique story. Nevertheless there are some basic principles to be followed through such a design process. Beside them we will discuss crucial steps and elements of the imprint of Holistic Community Pharmacy concept into the material world and atmosphere of the space.”

Adam Puc started his career as an arhcitect at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, broadening his experience with projects from resident buildings to industrial plants and retail stores, designing interiors and renovating old buildings. He participated in the development of a patented ready made wholewood wall sistem. He is a consultant for German Sustainable Building Councile system and the author of the first HCP space design.

Dr Orley Moyal


Harnessing Holistic Healthcare in Pharmacy

“As frontline, Healthcare Professionals that are most accessible to the Public, the integral role of the Community Pharmacist is fast becoming ever more salient and pivotal, especially within the Holistic Healthcare Model. By embracing and combining Western / Allopathic Medicine with a more Holistic approach to supporting and maintaining health, Community Pharmacies will truly harness the future of Whole-person health and wellbeing.”

Dr Orley Moyal HD (MTech Hom SA) CThA  became a Homoeopathic Doctor in South Africa after graduating from a Medical, Masters Degree in Classical Homoeopathy and Auxiliary, Naturopathic Therapies (such as Nutrition & Herbal Medicine). Since moving over to the United Kingdom 18 years ago, Orley has spread her work between Private Practice, Lecturing as Director of Biomedicine at a leading Naturopathic College in London and consulting.