• MSc. Martina Puc,,spec., MBA:
    The role of Holistic Community Pharmacy and Holistic Community Pharmacist in the selfmedication and selftreatment
  • Dr. Nina Strah,
    The finantial impact of Holistic Community pharmacist evaluated through the measurment of influence on compliance
  • Matija Centrih,  
    Lessons learned on visitors’ acceptance of HCP approach on selfmedication


  • Azra Uzunović, 
    Food Supplements definition variation in Europe impacts the role of pharmacist on selfmedication and selftreatment
  • Irma Hermina Klemnec, 
    The role of Holistic Community Pharmacist in the treatment of an iron low intake
  • Dr. Dietmar Werner:   
    Selfmedication and selftreatment in Homeopathy
  • MSc. Mojca Kušlan, 
    The role of Community Pharmacist in the selftreatment with Schuessler salts


  • MSc. Katja Hleb, dipl.psih:
    Self-development in the healthcare professions
  • Round table 
    The Future of Selfmedication and Selftreatment in a Community Pharmacy 
    moderated by M.Puc
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