Holistic Community Pharmacies can cope with contemporary challenges

COVIRIAS Team Has Won an Award for Holistic Community Pharmacy Consulting

Ljubljana, 9 December 2019

Today at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia the Phoenix Award for the 2019 project in the field of management consulting was officially presented. The award was won by our own project Holistic Community Pharmacy Pharmacy Dobrova – Implementation of holistic counselling.

The award was won on behalf of the consultant by members of the COVIRIAS team, Martina Puc and Meta Galjot, and on behalf of the client by the owner of Community Pharmacy Dobrova, Matija Centrih and his team of colleagues.

COVIRIAS team member Meta Galjot has also earned the flattering title of Young Consultant 2019 at the award ceremony.

Young Consultant 2019 Meta Galjot (COVIRIAS) and Phoenix Award 2019 winners Martina Puc (COVIRIAS) & Matija Centrih (Community Pharmacy Dobrova)

The Concept

The availability and accessibility of health products is increasing, as is information and health advice. Pharmacies are thus exposed to multiple changes – pressures in price wars, as well as bureaucratization of the relationship with their customers.

Due to changes in the environment pharmacies will also have to change. The only question is – how.

Pharmacies that choose a holistic approach for counseling their visitors can counteract changes in a positive way. They understand their visitors as entities and approach them as a whole. This view of medicines and other products in the assortment redirects to the visitor as an individual and makes it a step further.

A holistic pharmacy has to introduce an integrated approach into all its key business processes and to its employees.

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