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COVIRIAS academia is an online educational platform dedicated primarily to e-education on pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. With verified didactic elements, the participant’s interactive participation is also possible in the digital environment.

With COVIRIAS academia, you can learn from your home or work computer at the right time and tempo.

“At a time when the economic factor dominates in all spheres of life and work, a very well-designed e-education influences the awareness of the pharmacist in an acceptable way and returns it to its basic role: advising users of services. It accurately puts accent on what the pharmacist can influence and gain the trust of his users during his work. Education helps us to take a look inside and makes us think: how can we be a better pharmacist? After the test has been completed, self-confidence is coming back and the feeling as if I was enrolling again in the faculty of pharmacy with full enthusiasm.”- Anela Galić, mag. pharm., director of International Pharmacy Vitez, BiH

Online COURSE: Community pharmacist’ impact on compliance

From the use’s point of view the most important indicator of the community pharmacist’s work is the quality of advice on prescribed medicines. With their counseling a community pharmacist can strongly influence the compliance of the patient in the use of prescription drugs. Therefore, monitoring of compliance is an important indicator of the pharmac services’ overall quality.

COVIRIAS offers an e-learning course on implementing a compliance project in a community pharmacy.


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